It was a quite long break in blogging about soft-skills, but I was really busy!

Today I want to mention about the tools/strategies to work remotely which will help to create the best remote management and productivity software.


  • One of the biggest reasons why they fail is because of team members are not bumping into each other – they just forget about the other team members, live in their own world and not communicate or collaborate as much as they need to. The tip here is to create opportunities for a team member to just “chat” with each other – it can be Skype, slack, messenger or video conferencing tools like Google Hangout, Zoom, Appear.
  • Have a chat room open constantly – have some channels about discuss important things in the company, but also the channel where the conversation is not related to business at all.
  • Right communication style – depending on your needs, it can be emailed for quick interaction, chat programs for instant messages, phone calls or video chat – when we have some emotional issues.
  • Use screen sharing tool – use that tool to share your screen to that another person can see exactly what you are doing – you can do together pair programming, example some tasks. One of the best is ScreeHero, Skype, Zoom, TeamViewer, and
  • Collaboration on documents and spreadsheets – if you need a document that will be edit by many people you can use the Google Drive, it is the best option.


  • Allow to flexible working hours but also keep some consistency – people working from home will rightly want flexibility with their work hours. It’s important to allow them a degree of flexibility when managing to remote employees, but also have some hours when the other team members are always online.
  • Measure productivity – try to measure team members productivity. Get transparency around this so that you will know quickly whether each team member is being productive or not.
  • Track hours worked, attendance and other basics measures of productivity – if you are paying based on hours worked, then it makes a lot of sense to track how many hours each person works. A good idea can use some tool like a timesheet templates.
  • Organize a system of overlapping times of communicating in different time zones – if a member of your team work in different time zones, make sure that have an overllaping period where everyone is working and it online.
  • Do a quarterly review and summary – it’s important to make sure everything of working for a team of your members.


  • Meet persons – it’s hard to develop true friendships remotely. Meet people in life can be great for the future friendship (cheers for Jakub and Lukasz!) which I met in Porto, now our friendship is briefer.
  • Create a true “team” feeling – developers need to know they contributing the true value to the team’s common goal. It is easy to achieve by:
  1. Sharing the future vision of the company.
  2. Keeping your form informed about how the company is doing.
  3. Get everyone in your team involved an important event or project.
  4. During the birthdays and special occasion, send gifts the meaning.

About the last point, you can take a look what I received on my birthdays! Thanks, for Aurity 🙂

The next posts will be more about developing. I am back to the track and will work with the application.

Patyk Huzarski

Freelance web developer, addicted to computer engineering.