Most of the developer believe that remote works are one of the best things that can meet them during their career. Is it really like this?

I’m working remotely for over 2 years and will share my opinion about that.

The article inspired by this blog post written by Aurity team, titled “Meet the Aurity Team“, the team of which I am a part of. We focus on working in 80% remotely from the whole world!

The main advantages of working remotely:

  • The amount of freedom – You’re working anywhere in the world you want. You can easy explore new things!
  • Saving a lot of time – One of the best benefits, you don’t need to spend time during travel to the office.
  • Flexible working hours – Depends on the company, but most of them allow to work when you actually can.
  • Travel – You want to live in another country? No problem, just take your laptop and go, travel, enjoy life!

Sounds great, yes? Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages:

  • Hard at the beginning of working in IT (“Junior”) – yes, it touches me personally, for sure it is hard to solve or discuss some problem without being able to talk face-to-face with other members of a team. Crucial will be communication and cooperation.
  • Degrading soft skills – Important property working in IT industry. Always, you should talk and consult your idea. When you are not talking with others, you degrading your soft skills.
  • Pose work – Some “lazy” people use it and do not work at all. They don’t have motivation and boss under the head, so they feel can do anything else as well.

Indeed, during your IT career, you won’t be working alone. Important thing is to have some communications – daily meetups, write on slack, do conferences on Skype. Even, if you are not face-to-face you see this other person. Cooperate, it returns with the double power, really.

Team Trips:
Some company management (Luckily my company too – I’m a lucky devil) organize some trips to make communication stronger and support relations ships within the team. Moreover, it’s going to be a great opportunity to learn and experience from extraordinary things. If you’re in a modern company like this – you can be sure, they’re doing a great job!

To summarize, I recommend to try working remotely and at the office as well. If you are disciplined person, you can easy work at home and even be more productive. Most important thing is to find some solution to improve your soft skills – you can attend to some hackathon, live codings, conferences, it is crucial to meet new people and exchange the experiences. If it is possible – try to find some place where you can join even one time in a month where you can work, talk with people, drink coffee together, do something else other than work.

You can share more pros and cons of the remote job. I only wrote them, which I felt myself. If you spend too much time working totally alone your social relations will most likely weaken.

Patyk Huzarski

Freelance web developer, addicted to computer engineering.