Welcome to the tenth episode of our course “Becoming a Software Developer” in which we will start designing our domain and services.

The materials can be downloaded from here. The repository is available on GitHub.


  • Domain
  • Services
  • Controllers

More from the technical side about Domain, Services, and Controllers you can, read at an official blog post about 10 episode on Piotr’s blog.

On this episode, my task was to validate, create constructors and interfaces to class Driver. To validation, I used the library Regex, which can be easy implemented by

More code and details you can easy find on repistory master branch.


The coming episode We will continue the implementing new features and use some external libraries to help us with handling the DTO Mapping, handle with the HTTP POST method and refactor the services to fully asynchronous.

Patyk Huzarski

Freelance web developer, addicted to computer engineering.