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Becoming a software developer – episode I

0 comments / 26 January 2017

Welcome to the first episode of our course – “Become a software developer” which is also introduction to following topics: » .NET vs .NET core » CLR (Common Language Runtime) » Designing proper classes (encapsulation)

What does “use strict” do in JavaScript?

0 comments / 20 January 2017

This post opens the series about my path to be better in JavaScript, and 1 common question on interviews on position JavaScript Developer / Front End Developer. Quite a simple question and you can impress the interviewer by showing a deep understanding this keyword. What is strict mode? Strict mode allows you to place aRead more

Become a Software Developer – introduction

0 comments / 15 January 2017

  Become a Software Developer with Mentor  So as I mentioned before, it is time to relase new project related to learning .NET. It is time to introduce about the initial programme. With support very experienced developer – Piotr Gankiewicz ( I want to overcome the .NET. I’m starting from zero and want to beRead more

Hello World!

0 comments / 15 January 2017

Hello world, we begin! Hello, my name is Patryk and I will write mostly about developing, but also about other things related with my hobbies. You can read about me more in the menu on right section and visit my personal portfolio : I’m working in IT company for 1.5 years (not as a developer), butRead more