Aurity looking for a Devs!

0 comments / 11 May 2017 is looking for a Mid-level web developer.

You should:
Have at least 2 years of experience
Be proficient in JS
Know React, React-Native
Preferably have experience working remotely
Be able to communicate well in English

We offer:
Great environment, where we care about your development as well as we care about the work.
Different place, where we make decisions together and respect each other
True freedom to do whatever you dream about as you don’t have to do work from 9 to 5, but are free to work when it fits you
Chance to learn from people being among the best in the industry
Regular meetings with the team, like the one we are going to have in Porto next month!

About We believe that work needs to be fulfilling and brings joy as it is an important part of your life. We are the team of cutting-edge developers who love the freedom to travel, pursue our passions and make our dreams come true. This is why we love so much all the advantages that the latest technology gives us. We can work whenever we want, wherever we are. And we love it! and become one of us.

How is it going to work remotely?

0 comments / 14 April 2017

Most of the developer believe that remote works are one of the best things that can meet them during their career. Is it really like this?

I’m working remotely for over 2 years and will share my opinion about that.

The article inspired by this blog post written by Aurity team, titled “Meet the Aurity Team“, the team of which I am a part of. We focus on working in 80% remotely from the whole world!

The main advantages of working remotely:

  • The amount of freedom – You’re working anywhere in the world you want. You can easy explore new things!
  • Saving a lot of time – One of the best benefits, you don’t need to spend time during travel to the office.
  • Flexible working hours – Depends on the company, but most of them allow to work when you actually can.
  • Travel – You want to live in another country? No problem, just take your laptop and go, travel, enjoy life!

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Collectively – Authentication

0 comments / 28 March 2017

In today’s post, I’ll describe the new for me and it was really hard to introduce the Authentication to the application. Before I start, at first, let’s start with add missing Router to the application (to define the paths and related with them views).

Route '/' - Default page 
Route '/dashboard' - Dashboard - high order component available only for logged admin
Route '/wrong_url' - kick automatically to the default page

Let’s get started writing some code for Authentication. In order to the authentication process, you need to handle with the ‘token’ which is actually in our back-end the JWT token and assign it to out localStorage. In order to start with a sign in the form, I created the simplest form and function which on handleSubmit will call my function to send data to my API.

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